Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The first step

The first step in this new journey is to publish a book that described the concepts of multi-channel order management in a broader business perspective and off course with using the OrderCore software.

In the Internet age aspiring writers can now reach an audience much easier by self publising. I used Lulu for this process and it is interesting how they engage you in the process. It was 15 years ago when I published my first book. At that time we didn't have the option of self publishing through the Internet yet, but I appeared to be lucky as the second publisher I send my manuscript to showed interest and followed through with it. Hence, I had my book in the book stores and checked regularly if anyone was actually buying it. It was a text book about taxation and didn't become a best seller, but the process itself was fascinating. This was a much different experience and had a total different purpose. I did not 'publish to sell', but 'publish to promote', so now I have to wait and see how well it does with the search engines. The title is Managing Multi-Channel Orders with OrderCore; Enabling a Customer Focus in Order Fulfillment; ISBN 978-0-557-03968-5.

Soon, I will make the first introduction chapter available for download and will start discussing each chapter in separate blog posts. Besides the introduction chapter here are the main chapters:

  • Originate the Orders

  • Fulfill the Orders

  • Service the Customers

  • Balance the Cash Flow

  • Sense the Purchasing

  • Manage the Inventory

  • Analyze the Financials

  • Monitor the Performance

  • Maintain the Catalog

  • Energize the Marketing

  • Ease the Data Exchange
The book is more than only about order fulfillment, but about how the other functions contribute to efficient operations with a customer focus as the core.

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