Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fulfill the Orders

Order Managements systems usually first aggregates the orders from different channels for uniform fulfillment. Fulfillment is basically the process of delivering it to the customer. Basically pack it and ship it, but the OrderCore system consist of a workflow driven order fulfillment flow.

We created an order fulfillment flow and this is something to spend some words on.

The top are the orders initiated into the system and the next level the orders processed. The cancelled orders in between and a click gives an overview of the reasons for cancellation.

The next level are the orders approved. There are rules in the system for order approval, which is cases of a mail order whether the credit card has been verified or the payment received.

Orders Released is the next step. A reason why an order is not released is that it might be out of stock or some other verification needs to be done. In case of external fulfillment or drop shipment the internal fulfillment processes takes a leap from here towards invoicing.

Once the orders are released a picking ticket is created and the next step is to have them shipped. Order released but not yet shipped are at the warehouse and under the responsibility of the warehouse manager to get them shipped as early as possible.

The next level is called Orders Completed and the orders in between shipped and completed are the once that are not yet paid. An order of type Payment Terms is generally paid after shipment. A click on that level provides the orders with status Due for Payment.

The last level is Orders Delivered and between completed and delivered are the returned orders. A click on that level gives an overview of the returned orders by reason for return.

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